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Ceparano Consultancy, Inc. is the premier professional services boutique exclusively for agencies, start-ups, and small business owners like yourself. A marketing strategy consulting firm founded in 2015 and is based in New York, NY.  We specialize in website development, digital marketing and brand awareness solutions.

We offer industry best practices and thought-provoking solutions to approach transformation as an everyday process that produces concrete business results.

Our key point of differentiation from conventional website branding companies and marketing agencies is that we focus exclusively on the 1:1 specifics and needs of our client’s challenges with respect to website development in today’s digital landscape and the “nuanced” way in which it is developed and marketed. 

In fact, the hallmark of our firm is customization. As a Client, you will receive one-on-one support from Ceparano Consultancy’s accomplished internal staff plus outside subject matter Experts who are exceptionally well credentialed in their respective fields.


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We at Ceparano Consultancy know that finding the right expert to help you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Christopher Ceparano

Founder & CEO

Christopher p. Ceparano

Marketing Transformational Business Leader

Christopher Ceparano is a versatile business leader, self-starter, result-oriented digital marketing, operations and strategy professional. He is someone who realizes growth opportunities through driving financial impact by integrating brand, big data analytics and insights, customer experience, and digital technology with cross-industry relevance. As a tenacious pioneer and a strategic partner whose innovation-led approach delivers results with creativity and originality, Christopher makes innovation an everyday process, not just a “Eureka” moment. As a disciplined and creative talent magnet, he builds and mobilizes great teams that deliver transformational results.

He’s also an honor’s graduate of Baruch College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing Management with a sub-concentration in Corporate Communications.

Notably, Christopher is a leading Consultant of Ceparano Consultancy, Inc. – a boutique business strategy consulting firm founded in 2015 and is based in New York, NY.  Specializing in digital marketing and brand awareness solutions for agencies, start-ups, and small business owners.


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Donny Napolitano

Technology Leader and Digital Security Pioneer

Donny Napolitano is a results-driven professional who offers seven years of a progressive and successful career experience in information technology. Simply, he employs an extensive range of innovative instructional techniques in an asynchronous, blended technical and creative environment; by engaging, and motivating clients through instructional and learning strategies and tactics. Formerly, Donny worked for Apple, Inc. for over 4 years as a business/technology leader where he has tackled complex technical projects and product launches.

Furthermore, Donny is a musician who plays guitar/ bass guitar — he has worked with some highly regarded musicians that held concerts in the audience range of 500+. Donny also teaches music too; currently, he is employed by the New York City Department of Education as a Math & Computers Teacher, Tech Coordinator, and Google/Canvas Administrator at Olympus Academy, and he also works with IEP (Special Education) students.

Donny holds a Master’s Degree (M.Ed.) in Secondary Mathematics Education at Touro College, Graduate School of Education and an undergraduate (B.S.) Degre in Applied Mathematics at Hofstra University. Donny is also an educator and technology coordinator for a high school in New York City.


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I have found Ceparano Consultancy to be enormously talented with regard to their command of internet and business protocols, both present and imminent—eye-opening to say the least, and innovative at it’s best.
— Art Davis, Founder, Philo Music Therapy
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Ceparano Consultancy has created campaigns both for new business developments. This has entailed digital marketing and promotional advertising utilizing LinkedIn, email, and active use of many social media outlets. He has given me a terrific creative direction and a brand identity and strategy that did not exist before!
— Harvey Granat, Founder, HGS and Managing Director, CSG Partners
These guys are an “outside the box” solution provider; who are extremely adept at developing strategic alliances; identifying and presenting exceptional go-to-market strategies; and are thoughtful and tenacious as a team. They vigilantly followed through on all of our complex projects from conception to completion with scrupulous attention to detail. They were auspicious in every manner and their agile management style is second to none—conducive to success—plus stupendous in technique.
— Marisol Luna, Sr. Operations Manager, Crenshaw Associates
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I worked with Ceparano Consultancy in 2015 doing eDS marketing. Christopher was a terrific marketing resource, very creative, flexible, fast and team player. They ran our client symposium in addition to all marketing campaigns that surrounded the event. Not to mention... a newly developed, state of the art website that came along with the package!
— Arthur Sweetser, CMO, Email Data Source
They are definitely on their game!
I recently had a huge marketing event NYC, and the venue’s execution was top notch. They not only provided me with a checklist of what was to be expected, but also made sure every accommodation was handled well in advance. They literally absorbed all of the stress in hosting an event! They certainly have a vast knowledge of marketing event management and it was very evident in every step of the planning process.
— Alan Schaffranek, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Penn State Smeal College of Business
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